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The Stanley D. Anderson Firm built many magnificent residences, schools, hospitals, stables, and other structures from 1929 to 1975. There are approximately 200 fine residences, ranging from large, stately residences to small, compact, affordable homes. The Firm built more than 30 commercial buildings in Lake Forest, Lake Bluff and the surrounding communities.


Remodeling work was a major part of the Firm's business and expertise. Unfortunately, this website can't possibly show all the work built by the firm. The remodeling work ranged from maintenance level work or rebuilding "back porch" jobs to projects where virtually the entire house was gutted, refaced and enlarged. One comment heard again and again from owners of SDA remodeled homes is that the addition "It's the best room in the house."


With more than 1700 jobs listed in its files, the Stanley D. Anderson Archives has preserved almost all of the drawings and other information about the the projects. The archive contains in excess of 10,000 drawings. These drawings include the working drawings--the floor plans and elevation drawings. In addition, the Firm detailed most of their projects so there is a second set of drawings for projects that includes scale and full size drawings of the "parts" of houses. This includes doors, windows, fireplaces, kitchens, bathrooms and many other parts of fine houses. Some of these drawings are huge--four feet wide by ten or twelve feet tall.


If you are seeking information about a Stanley D. Anderson project, please contact us. Typically we can quickly confirm whether your house has SDA work. We can also confirm whether we have existing drawings as well as construction cost information.

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